Paschaphobia is the fear of Easter. The fear is commonly triggered due to the fear of Easter bunnies (leporiphobia) and/or holiness (zeusophobia). It can also be triggered due to negative childhood experiences when celebrating Easter, like something in the Easter basket that can scare them or that they don't want, as well as eating hard-boiled eggs that they don't like. Sufferers would avoid celebrating Easter as well as not being in the atmosphere of celebration, while many would refuse to go to a church on or near Easter.

Holiday phobias
Christougenniatikophobia (fear of Christmas) · Gratiarophobia (fear of Thanksgiving) · Libertatophobia (fear of Independence Day) · Neoannophobia (fear of New Year) · Paschaphobia (fear of Easter) · Patricophobia (fear of St. Patrick's) · Samhainophobia (fear of Halloween) · Valentinophobia (fear of Valentine's)
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