Persicophobia (from Latin persicus, "peach") is fear of the color peach. Persicophobia is suffered by a variety of factors involving the color peach, like seeing naked people too frequently, being a rape victim, getting injured or abused by light-skinned people. Mild sufferers can encounter light-skinned people with clothes covering much of the body, while severe sufferers would want to stay away from those people at all times. If the severe sufferer is light-skinned, they would either cover all of their body, including the hands and face, paint their whole body in a different color or also suffer from mental illnesses that involve distorted self-image or perception themselves.

People who suffer from this phobia might not be racist, especially since race is not just a colour of skin, but that does not take away the possibility that there are racist or colorist people who suffer from this phobia, even though Persicophobia, racism and colorism can be similar, they are 3 different things that should not be confused with each other.

Color phobias
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