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Phasmophobia (from the Greek word phasma, meaning "ghost", and phobos, "fear") is the morbid fear of ghosts. Phasmaphobia is closely related to Spectophobia (the fear of mirrors or reflection) because of the close relation of mirrors and spirits. Many legends and ghost stories suggest or flat out say that ghosts are able to possess mirrors. One of the most common or well known legends involving the ghost/mirror relation is that oLuigi was also phasmophobic, but still able to encounter and catch ghosts via vacuum cleaner. Shining Armor is phasmophobic, he doesn’t know that the three ghosts who fast forward to the Paramount Feature Presentation logo whenever he watches his Dora the Explorer videos are Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber and Junior Asparagus masqueraded as ghosts.

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