This is a common phobia of a homeless guy on a skateboard while watching anime doing a backflip while you’re on discord and he messages you but then your dog poops on you and the poop looks like Donald Trump and then a yandere named Ronaldo Fryman comes up to you and tries to beat you up but he goes to jail and the homeless guy comes up to you but you beat him up but suddenly Donald Trump jumps off the helicopter with a parachute on and landed outside your frontdoor to come to see your Donald Trump look a like then he to take it home but before he went outside the window he noticed there's hiding homeless man to beat you up Donald Trump quickly grabbed you to his Limo and rode to his home but before you went inside his house you suddenly caught an eye with the homeless man at his 2nd floor window then you realized it was all of Donald Trump and the homeless man's plan to kidnap you and torture you and then you wake up with a Sleep Paralysis that you can't do anything except you look at the corner of your eyes and see Donald Trump and homeless man waving at you as you've been tortured and even can't breathe.

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