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Pogonophobia (from Greek pogon, "beard") is the fear of beards. Sufferers tend to think that bearded men come from unhygienic places or not having access to materials for cleaning and shaving. They also think that bearded men are associated with illness, misfortune, or homeless people etc. Pogonophobia became more common after the 9/11. More than 9 out of 10 cases of this phobia were by women.

Symptoms of pogonophobia include trembling, irregular heartbeat and breathing, nausea, anxiety, and full-blown panic attack. Employers who are suffering from pogonophobia may face many financial impacts. They cannot concentrate around bearded colleagues/bosses, as a result of which they might have to pass promotions, opportunities or even suffer from poor performances or grades. As a result, sufferers can lose hundreds of dollars a year.

Talk therapy and psychotherapy are best tools in overcoming and treating the fear of beards. It is essential to educate oneself as to why some men wear beards and it might help to remind one not get influenced by stereotypical notions about beards and that not all bearded individuals are evil or harmful. Other therapies for overcoming pogonophobia include hypnotherapy, NLP therapy and CBT which must be done under the guidance of an experienced practitioner.

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