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Prosophobia (from the Greek proso meaning forward and phobos meaning fear) is a fear of progress, came about due to some claim that even though it is a fundamental component of humanity and life, progress can ruin their people's lives through the effects of changes and new advances. Some may even believe that people making progress is one step closer to the end of the world. People who spends time with older relatives may lead younger people to believe that the world is not safe.

People with moderate fear of progress may wonder what progress will be made without posing danger. Prosophobes who have severe fear may prefer to live in a primitive lifestyle free from modern devices like cell phones, computers, and TVs. They would own old-fashioned things like pens, furnitures and displays, have primitive styles like fashion, and use primitive techniques like cooking.

Prosophobia can be treated using logic, that is, using personal progress for enjoyment. More reliable options are psychotherapy, which involves educating how progress works, uses and benefits, and medication for patients who suffer anxiety and depression.

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