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Psychophobia (from Greek psycho, "mind") is the fear of mind. People with this phobia might have watched movies where innocent people were locked-up and left to rot, forgotten by their family members, and treated like dogs in the mental institution, where they were subjected to very harsh treatments such as electric shock therapy, or some even water immersion therapy and light-deprivation therapy. Others might have family members who are crazy and they are extremely scared that this can also happen to them.

We all have our moments of insanity but people with psychophobia will make sure that they act prim and proper and will not be thought to be crazy by other people. They will feel extremely anxious when they are around people who are acting crazy or when they see crazy people in the street.

These psychophobes should be taught there are not medications available to treat the mentally ill and most of these patients are able to lead a normal life. Psychotherapy may also help these psychophobes because if this fear is not addressed, their phobia may later become full blown psychosis and they will become what they fear the most.

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