latest half-life collab

Reaosgosefyonwicooszoomophobia is the fear of a homeless man selling you a moldy hot chick and also jacking it to a famous pornstar procedes to give you a hot dog but then a parrot eats it and shits a picture of Kim Jong Un kissing Kylie Jenner then that picture flies into the homeless man’s buttcrack and then he dicks you and you fall into a sewer hole and after that, you become super fast and beat up the homeless man with a cat, he then serves a sentence 15 years then 15 years later he calls you and goes to your house and punches you and kisses you profusely and leaves a picture of this man. The man also whips the nae nae on you! in fact (important part:) then after nae naeing you dr bruh will aid you in help brining you to that pornstar you fapped to earlier on the eric andre show and then you die after the homeless man shoots you but in a last attempt you shit on his bed to kill him then eat a cat. When you go to heaven you get butt-fucked by Jesus and vacuumed up by the fat pussy that killed you and will bury you on the fucking ground pissing in your grave 10 hours, then you will be slapped by a sock and play halflife but its cod but its deus x Machina but its counterstirke source but its among us and then the pornstar gets deleted then you get kidnapped by ISIS and torturing you to play half life cod collab. then you cry due to existential crisis, then you realize life is meaningless, oh then you get all the stuff from poker night at the inventory, telltale is bankrupt nor can you get any tf2 cosmetics or weapons and i never bought the game on steam, im sad oh then satan kills you and isis plays the cod half life colab thing

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