Reaosgosefyonwicooszoomophobia is the fear of a homeless man selling you a moldy hot dog but then a parrot eats it and shits a picture of Kim Jong Un kissing Kylie Jenner then that picture flies into the homeless man’s buttcrack and then he kicks you and you fall into a sewer hole and after that, you become super fast and beat up the homeless man, he then serves a sentence 150 years then 150 years later he calls you and goes to your house and punches you and kisses you profusely and leaves a picture of this man. The man also whips the nae nae on you! This phobia is common and a little weird. If you have this phobia it’s okay just weird. You definitely need therapy if you have a phobia as specific (but as common) as this.

We hope you could relate to this phobia. If you have it, know you’re not alone.

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