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Scoleciphobia (also known as vermiphobia (from Greek "worm"), is the fear of worms, especially parasitic worms. This phobia might include related organisms like tapeworms, etc. Sufferers may be afraid that they may get contaminated or infected by worms, or even practical jokes with worm objects. Other negative or traumatic experience related to worms can also trigger vermiphobia. A child might have been teased or bullied by its siblings into encountering worms in bed/food, or worms being put on them\or put in their hair.

Symptoms of fear of worms phobia:[edit | edit source]

  • In Scoleciphobia the phobic believes that worms are crawling all over his/her body. As a result, s/he might shake, scratch or wash several times a day.
  • Crying, screaming, trembling, feeling nauseated, having elevated heart rate, sweating are some other common symptoms of this phobia. The phobic might experience numbness
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