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Scolionophobia (from Latin scius, "knowing"), known alternatively as dickleinophobia (from didasko, meaning "teach"), is the fear of school. This fear arises for children due to the fear of leaving home (agoraphobia) and their parents. Stresses in schoolclass assignments, homework, getting in trouble, and bullying are also causes of school phobia. Family issues while school are non-school-related causes of scolionophobia, like violence, divorce, and death.

The most prominent sign of scolionophobia is the child's refusal of attending school, sometimes by making excuses of being sick or exhausted. When it's almost time for school, a child may sweat, sometimes profusely, shake, or have a high pulse rate, while in anger, fear, or despair. A school kid may have sleep disorders, including not getting enough sleep, having bad dreams about school, or even wetting the bed. This phobia is sometimes linked to sophophobia, in which too much learning material can result in poor grades.

Common treatments of scolionophobia include educational support therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and intensive psychotherapy. Parents and teachers can treat child non-professionally by conquering that fear.

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