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    Not to be confused with Serenophobia, fear of fair weather


Serenephobia (from Latin serene, "mermaid") is the fear of mermaids. Although there is no proof of existence of these aquatic humanoids, people allegedly see mermaids and even captured on camera. Mermaids have been found in Enfield town...

Children can suffer this phobia when first hearing about mermaids in folklore, while adults can suffer it after first hearing about the reports of real-life mermaids. Sufferers would avoid going in the seas, lakes or rivers as they're afraid that mermaids may pull them underwater and drown, but sufferers can go in the swimming pool where water is clear and shallow covering a small area.

The phobia is treated by teaching them that there are few to no documented cases of people getting injured from mermaids and that mermaids are not proven to exist. Rarity dressed up as a mermaid once, although the layers of her costume made her trip, luckily she didn’t start bleeding. Lucky you Rarity!

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