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Staurophobia (from the Greek stauro, meaning "cross-shaped") is the fear of crosses or the crucifix. This fear has it religious roots. During the Roman times, crucifix was the symbol of death and crucifixion is the method used in execution. The fear could come about because of the belief that Christians can do cruel things that could lead to unwanted deaths. Others may fear the crucifix as a result of bad memories associated with religion when they were younger.

If sufferer sees a cross or crucifix, it would scream and run away from it. The site of the object may take them to a time and place that is uncomfortable and may even trigger symptoms of post traumatic stress. Other symptoms may include an elevated heart rate, air hunger, panic attack, feeling faint, loss of control, trembling, sweating, crying, screaming and nausea.

This fear may require therapy and a willingness to forgive. This is in reference to any past events in which religion caused physical or emotional trauma. This can be difficult to get past, but essential to embracing a healthy and productive future.

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