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Stenophobia is the fear of narrow things or places. Even though it is comparable to claustrophobia, this phobia is fairly uncommon. This fear could be caused by for example hiking in a narrow trail and falling off or getting off-track, or having to cross a narrow bridge which caused one to be extremely afraid of falling off. For others, a narrow path or a narrow and enclosed room can cause one to feel smothered or trapped, especially in a claustrophobic person, causing this stenophobia. One might also be big physically and they fear that if they have to go into a narrow room or pass a narrow path, they will get stuck and will not be able to move.

Sufferers may also avoid using narrow things, like drinking out of a wide-rimmed cup instead of a narrow-rimmed one. Sufferers usually prefer to stay in wide and open spaces and may display symptoms of anxiety such as palpitations, tremors, nausea, vomiting, breathlessness and the feeling of being trapped when put in a narrow place.

Treatment includes behavioral therapy and desensitization. Avoiding anything narrow is usually sufficient to relieve symptoms of anxiety.

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