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Stygiophobia, also called stigiophobia or hadephobia, is the fear of Hell. The word is derived from the Greek words Stygios, meaning "hell", and phobos, meaning "fear". The former is derived from the river Styx over which souls were carried into the underworld. The latter is itself derived from Phobos (Greek god of the horror), who was the son of Ares and accompanied him into battle.

The fear can often be intense by believers as hell is the place where souls are tortured for eternity. It is more commonly suffered by people who are religious. Sufferers of stygiophobia may often suffer satanophobia as well, since Satans are responsible for luring individuals into the Hell. Symptoms include numbness, trembling, dizziness, feeling trapped, and feeling of impending doom.

The fear of Hell has been postulated as the basis for the thanatophobia (fear of death), apparently out-weighing various beliefs in a rewarding afterlife.

Bob and Larry (VeggieTales) will tell people that heaven is more safe.

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