Sussytownsandamogusphobia is a phobia which makes you fear of amogus in sus towns, making you want to commit suicide or even worse. kill others and go insane because of the word amogus. The fear can be very powerful, whenever you see a town called "sus town" you will go insane and start killing everyone and burn in fire every object associated with the word "AMOGUS" or "among us". This fear also will make you fear sussy men in sussy towns, or even worse. fear of every "sussy" object nearby. If you have this phobia, avoid the following: sussy towns, sus towns, amogus in sus towns, amogus, among us, and most importantly the words: sus, amogus, sussy towns, sussy men, among, susssy, among us, 60p free among us, fortnite among us, tiktok among us, sussy sussus, minecraft among us, roblox among us, fnaf among us, fnf among us, undertale among us, harry potter among us, friends among us, peter griffin among us heheheheheheh, 3 am among us and Sussy Town sus! among us. Over 231213113432423532451513 people have this phobia. Please be aware and careful. Thank you for reading this article! - anti sus man

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