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  • Tachophobia is a fear of speed. This phobia is often due to a bad experience involving speed, like a vehicle crash and scared from a roller coaster ride. Even hearing stories and incidents involving speed can cause to develop tachophobia. Some tachophobes can also fear losing control, resulting in their extreme care when going at any speed to ensure their safety. Other may also fear flying, especially in airplanes that often go at several hundred kilometers per hours.

Sufferers who go on a roller coaster or driving at high speed, they may lose control of the bladder, vomit, or for pregnant women may retreat into fetal position. Other symptoms include lack of concentration other than fear, feeling of terror, shaking, dread, screaming or crying, and panic attack.

Tachophobia is commonly treated using cognitive-behavioral therapy, systematic desensitization therapy, and relaxation techniques. Medication can be prescribed for anxiety sufferers.

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