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Televisiophobia is the fear of watching television. It is considered a branch of mediaphobia. This fear is tendingly suffered by children who often get scared by scenes on the television, like horrific events on the news and shows about crimes and disasters. If the family member turns the TV on, the sufferer would go to a room where sounds from that TV is hardly heard. Mild sufferers who be in the room where there are TV would worry that someone will turn it on, but severe sufferers would not be in the place where there are television sets. If the severe sufferer wants to stay in the home, all the television sets shall be removed from the home.

Symptoms include panic, heart palpations, breathlessness, tembling, and sense of impending doom. This phobia may cause other phobias to develop, like thanatophobia (fear of death) because deaths are sometimes seen and mentioned on television. Televisiophobia is treated using relaxation stragedies, exposure therapy, CBT, psychotherapy, support groups, and talk therapy. Talk therapy involves telling patients that watching television is highly useful for entertainment and learn from it, like important events around the world. Patients are often told that television sets are not only used for watching TV, but also for playing video games and replaying videos shot from the camera. Exposure therapy involves patients to watch television, starting with very calm shows with no bad events portrayed in it and working the way up slowly.

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