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Etymology[edit | edit source]

This is the etymology of this monstrously large phobia

Examplar below

Language: original word translation

Catalan: Texa texan

Volapük: tren train

Finnish: isat fathers

Teanu: ero water

Esperanto: tro too much

Zulu: phi which

Welsh: acen accent

Maori: tio lobster

Cebuano: ug and

Middle Dutch: iser iron

Kikuyu: inia shake

Swedish: kilo kilogram

Czech: nitro interior

Basque: pika magpie

Neapolitan: niro black

Sranan Tongo: seri sell

Danish: tove ropes

Friulian: ce what

Zazaki: dest hand

Reo: reo language

Hungarian: lenti below

Estonian: s cent

Northern Dagara: dabol exclamation mark

Ido: ica this

Cornish: deri oaks

Min Nan: phe drive fast

Walloon: rinad fox

Elfdalian: wen what

Hunsrik: eer she

Scots: oul owl

Faroese: andi breath

Aeka: ga rain

Sicilian: fori outside

Portuguese: quina corner

Novial: quar four

Drehu: i fish

Akan: twe antelope

Aragonese: le him

Wolof: dex river

Asturian: ase roast

Serbo-Croation: rt cape (geography)

Silesian: afa monkey

Veps: ni neither

Lower Sorbian: k to

Gagauz: az few

Ladin: erc art

Luxembourgish: een one

Interlingua: la her

French: bene good

Aiwoo: pole work

Isthmus Zapotec: rini blood

Hadza: sa rain

Italian: qui here

Bislama: tri tree

Irish: nite washed

Indonesian: rol roller

Afrikaans: oog eye

Asi: isi spear

Tongan: fili choose

Scottish Gaelic: tr foot (measurement)

German: ob if Ingrian: olla have

Venetian: are farmyards

Turkish: ders lecture

Tarantino: ale wing

Albanian: jini jam

Acehnese: ret road Kein: ab fire

Manx: oc at Polish: hera heroin

Vietnamese: phin batiste

Chuukese: io who

Limburgish: der there

Tatar: al scarlet

Zhuang: iq small

Aromanian: uin sheep

Arin: an haunch

Zealandic: aer hair

Ewe: vi descendant

Notes: Scottish Gaelic and Scots are different languages

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