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Theologicophobia is the fear of theology. Theologicophobe will not only fear the study of theology, but also a fear (and perhaps even loathing) for others who subscribe to the belief included in the study of theology. Other symptoms may also include air hunger, trembling, elevated heart rates, weeping, screaming, anger, nausea.

A person with this fear will not visit a house of worship dedicated to the deity described in theology. This may extend to one religious faith or it may extend to any religious faith that suggests there is a deity in charge of all or certain aspects of life.

This may be a difficult fear to manage in a tradition therapeutic way in that it is a question of faith and belief rather than an object or something that can easily be tangibly identified. Therapy may be able to help a theologicophobe get to the place where they may be able to visit with a spiritual leader associated with the theological bent about the fear.

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