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Tonsurephobia (from Greek word tonsure, "to cut") is the fear of getting a haircut. This phobia is almost exclusively suffered by children. When a tonsurephobe is getting a haircut, he/she would be afraid that they're hair would cut too short and will never grow back, or less commonly when a trimmed hair tickle or itch them. Other causes of tonsurephobia include being afraid that a sharp blade may hurt them during the haircut, branching off from agoraphobia, or getting ridiculed by others especially in school from new look following haircut. Most sufferers would avoid getting a haircut at all costs, while few may allow to get their hair trimmed very slightly using scissors only.

When a sufferer gets a haircut, tonsurephobe may have obsessive thoughts, slow breathing, heart palpations, cold sweat, hot or cold flashes, and not sitting still while trying to flee. Tonsurephobia can be treated using talk therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, or desensitization. For children, tonsurephobia should be treated ASAP or it may continue into adulthood.

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