Donald Trump

Trumphobia (also called Trump Derangement Syndrome) is the fear of Donald Trump. This phobia in 2016 during the 2016 Presidential campaign of Donald Trump. This is now a common fear for most left-wing and left leaning Americans, as a lot of people hate and/or fear Trump after he successfully became a U.S. president. Some may feel worry that Trump may ruin the nation or may even lead to global consequences like World War III (3). Those affected may worry about the state of everyday lives. They may keep constant updates on Trump through the media. In more severe cases, the person couldn't even look at a photo of him. Some would even move to another country and refused to go back until Trump is out of office. People may continue having this fear until the the issue is addressed, which could mean waiting for Trump's term (at least four years) to end, unless if it's somehow treated.

The most common treatment method of Trumphobia is talk therapy, which is utilized by simply letting the sufferer civilly vent about Donald Trump, or, alternatively, talk about how the stress and reality of being president may actually force him to be a better person, which may carry over after his presidency. Another option is to talk about how the result of the election may encourage more Americans to take action when they wouldn't otherwise. The second most common method is cognitive-behavioral therapy, followed by support group. Another way is to assassinate an inanimate object in the likeness of Donald Trump.

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