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Tussaphobia (from Latin tussis, meaning "cough"), or pertussaphobia (from Latin per, "thorough") is the fear of coughing.

This phobia may be gained after a traumatizing event linked to coughing, such as a loved one dying after coughing up blood. The fear is triggered when someone coughs, whether it’s the tussophobic person or someone nearby them. It is severely triggered when someone coughs constantly.

Tussaphobes may be irritated by the sound of coughing, or they may worry that coughing could be a sign of a deadly illness. In either case, they desperately attempt to avoid coughing. They may take cough medicine even when not coughing or avoid illnesses that may lead to coughing by taking medicines and staying away from germs. They panic if they cough and flee from others who cough.

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