Phobia list:

animal phobias

Plant phobias

Micro-organism phobias

  • Bacteriophobia – fear of bacteria (branch of microbiophobia)
  • Microbiophobia – fear of micro-organisms (branch of pantophobia)
  • Verminophobia – fear of germs (branch of microbiophobia)
  • Virophobia – fear of viruses (not the ones on computers(branch of microbiophobia))

Phobias of the body

Phobias of people

phobias of people with condition

Phobias of personnel and kins

Phobias of celebrities

Phobias of countries and continents

Phobias of places

Phobias of events and actions

- fear of running around a kitchen table, being pursued by wolves, 

while wearing fresh socks on a newly waxed floor (innate fear).

Phobias of months

Holiday phobias

Phobias of emotions

Phobias of diseases and disorders

Phobias of things

Substance phobias

Food and drink phobias

Vehicle phobias

Condition/quality phobias

Phobias of genres

Weather phobias

Natural disaster phobias

Space phobias

Planet phobias

Color phobias

Language phobias

Letters phobias

Word phobias

Punctuation mark phobias

Numbers phobias

Phobias of legendary beings

Cartoon character phobias

  • Aladdinphobia – fear of Aladdin (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Alanphobia – fear of Alan "The Brain" Powers (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Arnoldphobia – fear of Arnold Perlstein (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Arthurphobia – fear of Arthur Read (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Babybopphobia – fear of Baby Bop (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Barbiephobia – fear of Barbie (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Barneyphobia – fear of Barney the dinosaur (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Batmanphobia – fear of Batman (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Beavisphobia – fear of Beavis (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Bigbirdphobia – fear of Big Bird (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Binkyphobia – fear of Binky Barnes (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • BJphobia – fear of B.J. the protoceratops (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Booberoophobia – fear of Boo Berry (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Busterphobia – fear of Buster Baxter (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Buttheadphobia – fear of Butt-Head (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Candymanphobia – fear of the candyman (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Carebearphobia – fear of Care Bears (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Carlosphobia – fear of Carlos Ramon (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • CatDogphobia – fear of CatDog and the theme song (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Charlieandlolaphobia, Charlielolaphobia, Charliephobia, Lolaphobia – fear of Charlie and Lola (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Cinderellaphobia – fear of Cinderella (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Couragephobia – fear of Courage the Cowardly Dog (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Dannyphobia – fear of Danny Phantom (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Dariaphobia – fear of Daria Morgendorffer (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Davidreadphobia – fear of David Read from Arthur (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Diddykongphobia – fear of Diddy Kong (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Dixiekongphobia – fear of Dixie Kong (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Donatellophobia – fear of Donatello (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Donkeykongphobia – fear of Donkey Kong (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Doraphobia (2) – fear of Dora the Explorer (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Dorothyphobia – fear of Dorothy Ann (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • DWphobia – fear of D.W. Read (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Elmophobia – fear of Elmo (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Evilleafyphobia – fear of Evil Leafy (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Fernwaltersphobia – fear of Fern Walters (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Francinephobia – fear of Francine Frensky (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Frankensteinphobia – fear of Frankenstein (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Frizzlephobia – fear of Ms. Frizzle (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Garfieldphobia – fear of Garfield (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Georgelundgrenphobia – fear of George Lundgren (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Goofyphobia – fear of Goofy (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Grandmathoraphobia – fear of Grandma Thora from Arthur (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Grandpadavephobia – fear of Grandpa Dave from Arthur (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Grokephobia – fear of the Groke (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Homerphobia – fear of Homer Simpson (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Ironmanphobia – fear of Iron Man (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Janereadphobia – fear of Jane Read from Arthur (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Janetperlsteinphobia – fear of Janet Perlstein (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Jennamorganphobia – fear of Jenna Morgan (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Keeshaphobia – fear of Keesha Franklin (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Kermitphobia – fear of Kermit the frog (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Kyrofelonoshophobia – fear of cartoon characters
  • Leonardophobia fear of Leonardo (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Lizphobia – fear from Liz from the Magic School Bus (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Luigiphobia – fear of Luigi (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Mariophobia – fear of Mario (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Materphobia – fear of Tow Mater (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • McDonaldphobia – fear of Ronald McDonald (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia & mcdonaldsphobia)
  • McQueenphobia – fear of Lightning McQueen (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Michelangelophobia – fear of Michelangelo (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Mickeyphobia – fear of Mickey Mouse (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Minniephobia – fear of Minnie Mouse (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Muffyphobia – fear of Muffy Crosswire (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Ninjaturtlephobia – fear of Ninja Turtles (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Oggyphobia – fear of Oggy (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Pablophobia – fear of Pablo (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Paulerphobia - fear of Jake Paul (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Peppapigphobia – fear of Peppa Pig (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Phoebephobia – fear of Phoebe Terese (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Poképhobia – fear of Pokémon (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Powerpuffgirlphobia – fear of the Powerpuff Girls (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Pikaphobia – fear of Pikachu (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia & poképhobia)
  • Powerrangerphobia – fear of Power Rangers (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Prunelladeeganphobia – fear of Prunella Deegan (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Ralphiephobia – fear of Ralphie Tennelli (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Raphaelphobia – fear of Raphael (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Ratburnphobia – fear of Mr. Ratburn (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Riffphobia – fear of Riff the hadrosaur (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Rottenphobia – fear of Robbie Rotten (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Scoobyphobia – fear of Scooby Doo (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Simpsonphobia – fear of the Simpsons (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Slendermanphobia – fear of Slenderman (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Smokeyphobia – fear of Smokey the Bear (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Sonicphobia – fear of Sonic the Hedgehog (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Spidermanphobia – fear of Spider-Man (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Spongebophobia – fear of Spongebob SquarePants (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Sueellenphobia – fear of Sue Ellen (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Supermanphobia – fear of Superman (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Tailsphobia – fear of Tails (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Talkingtomphobia – fear of Talking Tom (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Teletubbyphobia – fear of Teletubbies (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Timmytibblephobia – fear of Timmy Tibble (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Timothyphobia – fear of Timothy "Tim" from the Magic School Bus (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Tommytibblephobia – fear of Tommy Tibble (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Tomjerrophobia – fear of Tom and Jerry (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • UltimateAlienphobia – fear of Ben 10 (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Wandaphobia – fear of Wanda Li (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Winniephobia – fear of Winnie the Pooh (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Wonderwomanphobia – fear of Wonder Woman (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Violaswampphobia – fear of Miss Viola Swamp (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • X-menphobia – fear of X-men (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • Zeldaphobia – fear of Zelda (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)
  • NightmareElmStreetphobia – fear of Freddy Krueger (branch of kyrofelonoshophobia)

Other phobias

nonpsychological phobias

Joke and fictional phobias

– a joke term for the phobia of palindromes, which is a palindrome 

itself. The term is a piece of computer humor entered into the 1981 The Devil's DP Dictionary

  • Anachrophobia – fear of temporal displacement, from a Doctor Who novel by Jonathan Morris
  • Anatidaephobia – the fictional fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you. From Gary Larson's The Far Side
  • Anoraknophobia – a portmanteau of "anorak" and "arachnophobia". Used in the Wallace and Gromit comic book Anoraknophobia. Also the title of an album by Marillion
  • Arachibutyrophobia
– fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of one's mouth. The word 

is used by Charles M. Schulz in a 1982 installment of his "Peanuts" comic strip and by Peter O'Donnell in his 1985 Modesty Blaise adventure novel Dead Man's Handle

"river", so originally meaning "river horse"; according to the Oxford 

English, "hippopotamine" has been construed as large since 1847, so this coinage is reasonable); -monstr- is from Latin words meaning "monstrous", -o- is a noun-compounding vowel; -sesquipedali- comes from "sesquipedalian" meaning a long word (literally "a foot and a half long" in Latin), -o- is a noun-compounding vowel, and -phobia means "fear". Note: This was mentioned on the first episode of Brainiac Series Five as one of Tickle's Teasers

  • Keanuphobia – fear of Keanu Reeves, portrayed in the Dean Koontz book, False Memory,

where a woman has an irrational fear of Keanu Reeves and has to see her psychiatrist, Mark Ahriman, each week, unaware that she only has the fear in the first place because the psychotic Ahriman implanted it via hypnotic suggestion to amuse himself. He calls her the "Keanuphobe" in his head

– fear of being pursued by timber wolves while running around a kitchen

table while wearing socks on a newly waxed floor, also from Gary Larson's The Far Side

  • Lunaediesophobia – fear of Mondays (comes from the Latin word Luna meaning "Moon", and suffix -phobia)
  • Nihiliphobia – fear of nothingness (comes from the combination of the Latin word nihil which means nothing, none, and the suffix -phobia),

as described by the Doctor in the Star Trek: Voyager episode Night. Voyager's morale officer and chef Neelix suffers from this condition, having panic attacks while the ship was traversing a dark expanse of space known as the Void. It is also the title of a 2008 album by Neuronium. Also, the animated version of George of the Jungle (2007 TV series) is seen suffering in one episode of the cartoon, where they are telling scary stories

– irrational fear of robots/androids, also known as "Grimwade's 

Syndrome". First heard in the Doctor Who story The Robots of Death

Phobias of No Category

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