Venephobia is the fear of veins.

  1. The fear of veins, aka Venephobia, is being terrified of anything entering your veins (like needles when getting blood drawn)
  2. It’s also you not wanting someone to touch areas like your wrists, inner arms, the backs of your legs, your achilles heel, your neck, etc. where veins are visible or you can feel a pulse.
  3. I personally get very nauseous and start to panic when people touch those areas, if I touch those areas accidentally, or if I even think about those areas being touched or I think of getting my blood drawn.....
  4. It also connects to a fear of feeling your own or someone elses pulse. I become nauseous every time I feel a pulse.
  5. The fear, for some, doesn’t come from worrying that getting ones blood drawn will hurt, but it instead comes from just thinking anything to do with veins is disgusting and the idea of getting their veins punctured is awful to them.
  6. Just thinking about looking at my wrist veins makes me curl up. I’m fine with other peoples veins an I don’t mind injections or blood being taken but have always had a phobia about seeing my own veins.
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