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Virginitiphobia is the fear of being raped. Sufferers would avoid going out at night, while severe sufferers would avoid seeing even a guy friend. Sufferers would be scared to walk along the streets alone at night or even staying home alone.

Women would always stay indoors at night while not bringing especially a male stranger to come to her house. They may suffer symptoms including heart palpations, shortness of breath, and trembling when home alone or interacting with men.

Virginitiphobia can be treated using psychotherapy or behavioral therapy if the fear affects the standard life. Virginitiphobes who's anxiety symptoms get out of control should contact physician for medication.

The fear of rape is usually originated from young age, but it varies among the cultures. This fear is most common for most conservative groups because they are taught early because of their tradition.

Maverick Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn from The Dooku Diaries series/Star Wars trilogy is also a virginitiphobe

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